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Clarity, confidence, and control for small business owners.

We base our marketing on a proven system yet are innovative in our approach.


A clear path to get the most
out of your marketing
(stop wasting $!)


A proven marketing system
for your business
(stop guessing)


Full understanding of exactly what needs to be done for marketing (so you can focus on running your business)

About Spark Lab Consulting 

Spark Lab Consulting is a family business run by John Jantsch (Founder of Duct Tape Marketing) and Sara Nay (his daughter!). Together, they have 40+ years combined experience dedicated to building a marketing system to make an impact on the small business owners of the world.

We promise to take the time to get to know your unique business and then base your marketing on a system that has been installed in 1000s of small businesses around the world.

What Makes Spark Lab Consulting Unique? 

40+ years of combined experience dedicated to
small business owners 

Hundreds of marketing consultants and agencies around the world have become certified in our proven system

Proven small business success system installed in 1000s of businesses in a range of industries

We work alongside you - our main goal is your clarity, confidence, and control as your business grows.

A Look at Our Proven System

Develop a Marketing Action Plan for your business 

This is where our innovation comes in. We get to know your unique business and your needs. We learn about your ideal clients, how you stand out from the competition, and map out a plan to guide your clients through the customer journey - know, like, trust, try, buy, repeat and refer. We start 100% of our engagements by helping our clients map out a marketing plan to:

  • Attract clients that are ideal for their business
  • Stand out in ways that make the competition irrelevant
  • Know confidently what to do and what not to do
  • Clients will expect to pay a premium to work with you
  • Identify the most profitable ways to attract new business

Build a Foundation for your Marketing 

Next up, we go to the “lab” and rely on a proven system to build the foundation for your marketing. We look at your website, content, and SEO as a starting point. Once your foundation is laid, we are ready for leads.

We have identified as the most important Elements of a Small Business System:

Elements Of A

Small Business Marketing System

Turn leads into lifetime customers

In an attempt to generate more leads - small business owners end up wasting a lot of money simply trying different tactics - paid advertising, SEO, social media, and the next shiny object. By developing the marketing action plan and laying your foundation, we are here to help you from wasting money, time, and energy on tactics without a plan.

Once the core plan is in place, here are key ways we help clients grow their marketing: 

  • Websites that convert visitors to customers 
  • Content that tells the full story of your products, services, and mission
  • SEO for national and local results 
  • Lead generation funnels and campaigns 
  • Past customer reactivation strategies 
  • CRM and automated email drip campaigns 
  • B2B email outreach campaigns to expand your reach 
  • Paid advertising to get in front of new potential customers
  • Social media to build meaningful connections with your clients

How We Deliver The System to Clients 

We work with clients in two main ways:

Done with You Coaching

Let us help train, manage, and activate your marketing team with our Certified Marketing Manager program so you can grow confidently. 

Done For You Consulting

Grow your business by letting us install a simple yet effective small business marketing system so you can focus on doing what you love.

Client Love

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“Our visibility skyrocketed almost immediately when we engaged Spark Lab Consulting to help with our online presence. We now have a clear picture and roadmap for the future and our business is booming. If you want to grow your business big-time, Spark Lab is your answer.”

Jake Schloegel
Schloegel Design Remodel
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"Working with Sara and her marketing team has been beyond what I could have hoped for! As a doctor who is very busy dealing with patients and trying to run a business, I can't say how much I appreciate how organized, efficient, and goal-specific they are. I truly had NO idea what went into building a brand, a website, and marketing a business. From SEO to targeted ads, social media presence to blog posts, they have helped me make a dent in a saturated market. I have new patients flooding in, yet because of their brand-specific marketing, my patients know my name, my kid's names, even my dog's name. We have been able to grow in size yet not lose touch with those most important to us; our patients. I'm super excited for the future, and actually am planning on expanding my brand further with their help. Very grateful to have found this team!"

Dr. Elizabeth Turner
Fox Point Dental
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“Sara at Spark Lab Consulting has been fabulous to work with, she always went above and beyond for our small nonprofit agency. She took us from our mediocre social media, blog posting, SEO building, and email campaigning and helped us stand on steady ground with consistency, and always helped us to continually build to the next steps to make things great for us and the clients we serve.”

Steffany Ave
Adoption & Beyond
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“The team at Spark Lab Consulting has always been attentive to our needs and responds quickly to any concerns that we've had. Our web traffic has improved significantly since we started using their services. Every team member that we've encountered has been friendly, kind, knowledgeable, and truly vested in our success. Everything from initial consultation, ongoing consultation, and account management has been easy and straightforward.”

Janette Eckert
Alpine Ductless
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“As someone who has been in the business world for 30+ years and 15 of them working with MidMarket and SMB I have worked with a lot of marketeers aiming to help my clients. Spark Lab Consulting and specifically Sara ran their process on my business and it was simple, rightsized, effective, understandable, and actionable. THANK YOU. Nice job.”

Dylan Gray
Dylan Gray Consulting
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“Working with my coach, Sara, during the Marketing Plan Coaching Program was a great experience. I was looking for a solution to my company's marketing problems. We have a group of full-service athletic clubs in different locations in the Western United States that require individualized marketing plans. I wanted to find a structured course that guided me through a process to create the plans internally. The Marketing Plan Coaching Program was exactly what I was looking for. We have finally accomplished our goal of executing on a professional marketing strategy!”

Eric Schmitz
California Athletic Clubs
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"Before this program, I was messily trying to piece together a Marketing Plan for our business. I had a lot of random insight that I just didn’t know how to structure into a cohesive plan. Since starting the Marketing Manager Training Program, I feel much more confident in where our plan is moving, and that it has all the necessary parts for us to be successful. Sara has been incredibly helpful throughout the entire process, answering all my questions and giving helpful feedback. I’m excited to implement the Marketing Plan that I will be leaving this program with."

Alexa Arciero
South City Print
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"Spark Lab Consulting is a big part of my firm’s success! First, it was the books, then an assessment, and then a long-term coaching relationship. I would not be where I am today without their insights and focused counsel. Most importantly they are just a pleasure to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate engaging them."

Jack McGuinness
Relationship Impact
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