5 Key Components of Solid Advertising Copy

Let’s make it Spark!

There are 5 major components to good advertising copy and their order is essential to success. Below, I dive into the 5 major components when it comes to writing advertising copy.

First, I want to dive into a pain point I hear often with small businesses exploring paid advertising. Yes, it’s absolutely essential to have compelling ad copy, however, it is equally important to have a clear path for a prospect to go on once they reach your website.

We hear this all of the time “I am getting traffic to my website from paid, but no one is converting”. That is a big sign to me that the business needs to take a step back and look at its website and customer journey before continuing to invest it paid adverting.

Think through how people will get to know (paid ad!), like, trust, try, buy, repeat and refer you. And then come back to the paid ads.

Okay, off my very important (and hopefully helpful) rant. And now, back to the 5 components of good advertising copy

#1: Command Attention

This is your chance – most people read a headline before deciding if they will read the rest of an ad. You need an attention-getter that pulls people in and makes them want to know more about your products/services. Your headline must #1 give someone the reason to act now vs later, #2 communicate something readers will consider valuable and #3 clearly display how you offer something unique.

#2: Showcase Benefits

You have to showcase the benefits of your products and services and, more importantly, show how they will solve or prevent a problem that the reader does not want to have. They need to know what’s in it for them. Include useful, factual, and clear information to show precisely what the benefits are and how they are going to help the reader.

#3: Offer Proof

Proof is so important these days – what kind of proof can you include in your advertising that clearly demonstrates the benefits of your products/services by telling a story of someone else’s success? It’s important to use proof based on someone the reader can relate to.

#4: Persuade

You need to add compelling reasons for your potential customers to purchase your products/services.  Keep in mind a scarcity approach to encourage your readers to act now. 

#5: Call to Action

Finally, it’s important to compel your potential customers to DO something. They need to check out your site, sign up for your newsletter, purchase your products, contact you about services…something. Offer a freebie-a booklet, sample, product, bonus, demo, consult, limited time price…the list goes on.

There are lots of ways to get potential customers excited about ordering and help them feel like they are getting an amazing deal.

Solid advertising includes all of these components.  After you have a plan in place as to what you would like to include in your ad, next think through where you would like to publish your ad. The last step is then to map out the customer journey from the ad.  

We are here for you!  If you would like to discuss advertising or anything marketing-related, please do not hesitate to reach out here.

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