Why we do what we do

The Spark Lab mission is to help small businesses grow by providing clarity, confidence and control through proven systems. 

We started out as small business owners ourselves so know what you need.

Who do we serve?

Our system has been applied to 1000s of businesses in a range of industries. We specialize in working with small businesses and enjoy working with people who are dedicated to their business but might need additional marketing or operational support to grow. We are here to make a difference in the lives of small business owners.

What we offer

We'll work with you on the areas that matter most for long-term growth. From strategy to team building to systems, our team of experts will provide the right advice at the right time.

What can you expect?

You'll find yourself spending less time worrying about the future of your company and more time focused on growing it.

Meet the Spark

Every great idea starts with a Spark!

It began 20+ years ago with a small business consulting firm focused on marketing strategy called, Duct Tape Marketing.

We got to work implementing teachable and scalable systems to our clients. The very same ones that we used to grow our own business. We now have hundreds of happy clients and countless marketing success stories.

The great results showed that a marketing system without a solid operating system would lead to new challenges for clients.

Thus, Spark Lab Consulting was born.

With two main systems, one focused on marketing and the other on operations, we came together to help you with the full picture.

We offer a range of services to enhance your business and growth potential. Marketing, operations, growth, fulfillment, people, and scaling — we’ve seen it all and we've got you covered.

What Guides Our Mission?

Our Company Values!

Be Helpful

If you know the best way to do something, you’ll do good work. If you share that knowledge with others, you’ll become a leader.

Stay Hungry

We want you to find your comfort zone. And then seek to challenge the hell out of it, over and over. Complacency kills.

Find your Happy

It’s nice to be around happy, motivated, and positive people. It’s good for you, for the team, and for our customers. Laugh. Give joy. Show up for each other and bring your authentic self to work every day.

Exceed Expectations

Provide outstanding service, internally and externally. Be meticulous in execution, no matter how small the task. Follow through.

Take a Breath

Pausing to ensure we’re finding peace and joy along our journey is an invaluable component to sustainable and lasting success. Happy people are more efficient and creative - find your balance and take the room to breathe.

We want to help you continue to be a successful leader and still find your happy. We want you to have it all.

As scalable business advisors, we offer a free 7-minutes assessment to help you discover what is holding your business back.