Dominating The News Feed With Ads For Less Than $10 Per Day

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The Agency Spark Podcast, hosted by Sara Nay, is a collection of short-form interviews from thought leaders in the marketing consultancy and agency space. Each episode focuses on a single topic with actionable insights you can apply today.

About this episode:

In this episode of the Agency Spark Podcast, Sara talks with Jody Milward on how to dominate the news feed with ads for less than $10 per day.

Jody likes to call herself an “accidental entrepreneur”. Like many women, after having kids she didn’t want to return to a 9-5 office gig so she started her first business as a Private Investigator (obvious choice, right?). After 9 years, 7 figures in revenue and much government red tape, it was time to move on and she stumbled into the Social Media and paid traffic world. From her first client in 2014 making $12 per hour to generating over 7 figures in revenue 6 years later, she’s lived and breathed digital marketing as a freelancer, sub-contractor, in-house, agency owner, consultant, speaker, educator and mentor.

Key topics:

  • unpacking the $10 per day ad strategy
  • how to repurpose your content and organic posts into your paid strategy
  • mapping out your most engaging content for ad use

More from Jody Milward:

  • Get The Quick Start Guide To Becoming An In-Demand Ad Manager Here
  • Jody’s Website
  • Jody’s Facebook


Sara Nay (00:00): This episode of the agency, spark podcast is brought to you by pod match a platform that automatically matches ideal podcast hosts and guests for interviews. Learn more at pod spark. Welcome to the agency spark podcast. This is your host Sarana and I have challenged my guests to come prepared with impactful, actionable insights they can share in just about 10 minutes. So you can walk away, take action and give back to your busy day. Today. I have Jody Millward who refers to herself as an accidental entrepreneur and has lived Andre, a digital marketing as a freelancer subcontractor in-house marketer agency, owner consultant, speaker, educator, and mentor. So welcome to the show, Jodi.

Jody Milward (00:51): Hey Sarah. It is so good to be here. Thanks for having me.

Sara Nay (00:54): I'm excited. You're here and I'm excited to learn from you today. The topic I wanna dive into is tips on dominating the newsfeed to ads for less than $10 a day. So Jodi, the show is

Jody Milward (01:05): Yours. Awesome. Thank you so much, man. Sarah, I love this conversation. I love talking to people about ads and changing their thoughts and perceptions on how they can actually use ads in their marketing for themselves or for their clients. A lot of us tend to go out and we just wanna do our conversion campaigns, where we wanna get leads and we're wanting to get sales and all of that. And that is great. There is certainly a role for that with our marketing and with our Facebook ads, but we can do so much more on Facebook. The number of times I have spoken to people who have come to hire me for my services. Um, my clients who have had their clients come to them. The number of times I people have said to them, I've been following you for a while now. And that's something that a lot of businesses forget when it comes to Facebook ads, they've gone into it thinking we can just get an immediate ROI and our dashboard there in ads manager can pretty much tell us instantly with all the changes over the last year, we've got that delay in attribution, but it's still fairly instantaneous.

Jody Milward (02:04): We can see people click. We can see people go over to the landing page and we expect that those instant results while they still happen while we still get those. There's a whole side of the audience that we neglect and forget to think about who are also our ideal clients, but they're in a bit more of a process to, in that customer journey and by forgetting about them, you're leaving them to everybody else and only going to tap into that audience when they're at their most competitive and that's with those conversion campaigns. So by getting in front of them with our strategies, that $10 a day strategy where you can get front and set of mind and dominate that news feed, they're seeing you every day. So as you help them go along that journey of realizing that, Hey, there is a solution to this obstacle that I'm up against, and you positioned yourself to be the authority in that niche.

Jody Milward (02:59): Guess who they're gonna buy from. They're going to come and buy from you, who they've been seeing. And then you see it every day versus someone who's just throwing an ad up in front of them, wanting them to register for a webinar and buy straight away. This audience may never even opt in for something of yours. They may never even just a few webinar, but because you've put these snackable pieces of content out in front of them in the newsfeed that you've been building up the awareness of who you are, you've been building up the authority that you have in, in the newsfeed, because they're seeing you in all these valuable tips that you are giving out. And they're the, you are the one that they're going to wanna wear. So by incorporating a strategy that is playing the long game is such an essential part that under goods, our whole marketing strategy.

Jody Milward (03:49): And so that's where the $10 a day strategy comes in. You can dominate their newsfeed in, um, Facebook as well as over on other apps. So if you're clients might be over on, um, Pinterest, and you've been doing some Pinterest ads or sending traffic over to Pinterest sites, you can combine the codes everywhere so that if they've been to your website, even if they've sent them over there from Pinterest or sent them from LinkedIn, and you've got the Facebook pixel over there, if they come over to for Facebook to see what their cousins doing, what their friends are doing, then you can be in their newsfeed over and over again. So I like to do 30 day sequences because it keeps it fresh because we don't want our audience to get banner blindness. So keeping it fresh 30 day, 30 day and a 30 day sequence, you can have five or six different content pieces in there.

Jody Milward (04:44): And when it comes to these content pieces, it's not just, you know, all about sales and pushing people over to come over and buy this. Sure. There's a couple of those ads that will be in there, but this is a great opportunity for you to showcase studies, show testimonials, talk about your values, business, your mission, your story, so that you're building that com uh, personal and emotional connection with your audience and progressing them along the customer journey. So they go, wow, you really get what I'm talking about. You are talking my exact words. You are in my head. How did you know all these things and building up that affinity with the audience? So having a couple of ads that can just pop out into the newsfeed, I love to use rich campaigns for these, because you can set that frequency to say, show this ad.

Jody Milward (05:30): Once every five days, they just pop up into the newsfeed. People are seeing them, you're staying front and center of mind. And it's just a dollar a day. I've worked with multi franchise now, national chains that are doing TV and radio campaigns. And I actually did a presentation for them that were saying, okay, so this is how much you're spending on TV advertising versus this much on Facebook ads. You can reach the same amount of people, but with your Facebook ads, we've actually targeted it. So we are targeting our exact audience versus our TV ads, which is just going to anybody. Who's got the station on, and I don't know about you, but if it, I, I really watch TV anymore with the commercials. And then when a commercial comes, I'm I flick to something else, I'll look at face book or go to the bathroom, not paying attention during the ads.

Jody Milward (06:20): So with our Facebook ads, though, it's going to our targeted audience that we are wanting to send it to. And it costs about a 10th of the price of our, of TV ads. So they're so effective to be just there in the newsfeed. And then you get the data back fairly instantaneously so that you can make those choices going. Are people engaging with this ad? No. Okay. Or pop another one in so easy and simple to do. So playing that long game, putting some money aside from your ad budget, into these nurturing campaigns that build up the awareness and authority with your audience goes such a long way to our marketing efforts.

Sara Nay (07:03): I love it. I love it so much. It, it resonates with me very deeply. One of our offerings is a consultant network program. And I can't tell you how many times, once someone joins us, they're like, I've been following and learn from you for 8, 10, 15 years now, and I'm ready to join. And it's not because they saw an ad of, Hey, here's our webinar come joined now. It's because they've been following and we've built it, built relationships with them through content and information. We've put out there for years and years. So I think it makes a lot of sense. Yeah. And on the side of things, a lot of with, you know, my small business clients, they are looking for that immediate conversion when they're thinking about paid ads. And so I really like the concept of, you know, cuz a lot of times when I think about this, I'm thinking about it in terms of like organic content that we're putting out there. But I think it's absolutely a powerful method in terms of long term approach with paid as well.

Jody Milward (07:56): Absolutely. And that organic as we, you know, it gets such a minimal reach. Even if you do have a highly engaged audience, the reach is minimal. So what you do is you can take that those organic posts that you know, have done well and amplify them with ads. So that's where you can just put a dollar a day, $2 a day behind it to push it out to more of, you know, that targeted ideal audience that you have to be drawing them in as well as retargeting those warm audiences that you have put, put it in front of them, make sure that they see it. So it's a great way to combine that organic strategy with your paid traffic as well. They don't have to be separate at all.

Sara Nay (08:37): Yeah, absolutely. And so if someone's interested, sit in, let's say putting together, you mentioned a 30 day sequence and you shared some great examples, one right there in terms of using organic tra stuff that's performed. Well, you mentioned like case studies and telling your story and testimonials, do you have any advice on how someone could map out some of the content they would share in a sequence like that specifically? Or is it just doing a collection of those examples that you shared?

Jody Milward (09:01): Yeah. Great question. Like we just said organic posts. If you have organic posts that have done really well, pull them in. If you've got email series, pull them in because as we know, maybe about 70% of people who opt in through your email list are not going to be seeing those emails. You might only have a 30% open rate and you've put a lot of work into those emails. So put them into your content pieces as well. So look at the content that you have that you, you know is good and it's talking to your ideal audience to see them proven because it's been organic or you've written it. And then if it doesn't get the engagement, then you know, okay, well this hasn't flown, so let's swap and put something else in there. But generally I would look at a series of things for these content pieces.

Jody Milward (09:44): It's a testimonial. They're always great to have this example of someone that you've worked with, where they were before working with you, where they are now since working with you and how you were the bridge to help them get there. Okay. That B formula before or after bridge. So a testimonial that's like that, you may have a story of your own that you can be sharing. Okay. Making that personal connection, sharing your values, something that's behind the scene scenes. If you have a team meeting or meeting with clients, et cetera. And then also you can just have a call to action that it could be a direct response. You want to know more about X, Y, Z, here's the link to come over and book a call. Okay. So I generally have one direct response testimonial, a case study, even values. So it encompasses a number of things.

Sara Nay (10:32): Yeah, absolutely. But people when I know we're just scratching the surface and are limited time together. So if people wanna learn more from you online, um, where can they find you?

Jody Milward (10:40): Yeah, they can just head well, I'm on Facebook. Of course. Jody mill can see me there, but head over to my website, Jody and you'll find me.

Sara Nay (10:50): Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your insights, Jody. I really loved hearing what you had to say on this topic and thank you all for listening today. Agency spark podcast. This is your host Sarana and we'll see you next.



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