Sustainable Fat Loss For Busy Entrepreneurs

Garret Serd

About the show:

The Agency Spark Podcast, hosted by Sara Nay, is a collection of short-form interviews from thought leaders in the marketing consultancy and agency space. Each episode focuses on a single topic with actionable insights you can apply today.

About this episode:

In this episode of the Agency Spark Podcast, Sara talks with Garrett Serd on sustainable fat loss for busy entrepreneurs.

Registered Dietitian, Entrepreneur, Fat Loss Expert, Speaker and Pancake Addict, Garrett Serd is the founder and owner of the online women’s fat loss company – Tandem Nutrition. Despite Garrett’s love for one-on-one nutrition coaching, he now travels the country speaking at events educating the common consumer and the busy professional on how to lose fat, gain muscle and improve their health in a simple, realistic and sustainable way.

Key topics:

  • why constant dieting is not healthy and what the alternative is
  • achieving and maintaining a healthy mindset towards food and nutrition
  • tips for staying active even if you are super busy

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Sara Nay (00:00): This episode of the agency, spark podcast is brought to you by pod match a platform that automatically matches ideal podcast hosts and guests for interviews. Learn more at pod spark. Welcome to the agency spark podcast. This is your host Sarana and I have challenged my guests to come prepared with impactful, actionable insights they can share in just about 10 minutes. So you can walk away, take action and give back to your busy day. Today. I have Jared se a registered dietician entrepreneur fat loss expert speaker pancake addict. He is the founder and owner of an online women's fat loss company, tandem nutrition. So welcome to the show, Garrett.

Garrett Serd (00:50): Hey Sarah, thank you for having me on today.

Sara Nay (00:52): So the topic I wanna dive in with you today is I think really important considering so many of us as entrepreneurs sit at our desks all day and the topic is sustainable fat loss, specifically the importance of needing to stop dieting, to improve metabolic rate and mental health. So Garrett, the show is yours.

Garrett Serd (01:13): Thank you so much, Sarah. So one of the biggest mistakes I see people make, um, and I will mention women specifically because this is the population we work with in is that the concept of dining over and over again for months and years on end, to try to achieve a certain body weight goal and a body fat goal. And just from health standards, we know that's not healthy long term to be in a diet in a, in a calorie deficit chronically. And so one of the biggest mistakes we see people make in our clients make is just being in a calorie deficit for extended periods of times. So not only does that make fat loss harder in the long run, but it makes a lot less likely to sustain as well. So here at Tanin nutrition, like with our team of dieticians and nutrition experts, we really focus on helping people lose fat in a healthy way, and we get them away from fat diets away from quick fixes away from the concept that there's a shortcut to lose fat and, you know, achieve their goal in in days or in weeks, and really instill knowledge and education in them through coaching to help them learn what's most important throughout their journeys to adopt these principles and habits for long term success.

Sara Nay (02:25): Yeah, I'm interested cuz obviously I'm a woman. I mean, so I get targeted a lot on social media and I see a bunch of information on social media in terms of this diet or this, as you mentioned, lose weight in two weeks and that type of content is just out there all of the time. So in your opinion, do you think social media has influenced the fad diet culture recently?

Garrett Serd (02:44): Oh my that's a great question tremendously. Like it's crazy and here's something like, one thing I want the losers to take away today is that there's one thing that makes all diets work and that is being in a calorie deficit. So whether it's keto, whether it's paleo weight Watchers, so, intermit fasting, they only work with one reason and that's because they get that person in a calorie deficit, which is required for fat loss. Now these other diets like keto and in internet, it fasting, they, they propose that they have more effective ways to help the diet or lose fat faster. But just through science, we know that there's not any more effective strategy for fat loss outside of a calorie deficit. So people fall on keto or, or doing fasting. They're not gonna lose fat any faster or better than anyone just flying any type of eating plan that adheres to this foundation of having a calorie deficit.

Sara Nay (03:46): Yeah. And so when you're working with clients, then you said having, it sounds like a healthy relationship in food in general because I do think the mental health piece in, in dieting is a big piece, but how are you helping them? If it's not relying on a diet, I, one of the ones you mentioned, like how are you helping them map out essentially their plan for eating moving forward?

Garrett Serd (04:05): Yeah. So the biggest thing is we start with their mindset and, and we wanna understand exactly what they think and their perception of food. And also we get an interpretation of their current knowledge base of food and nutrition. A lot of people think that some foods are bad, some foods are good and we don't classify. I foods is good and bad. Like they're nutrient DS or they're or they lack nutrients. And so we understand we, we meet them where they're at and we understand how we can best help them in a very, in, with a very in individualized approach to help them maintain, achieve, and maintain a healthy mindset towards food. So they can understand this process and live it throughout their lifestyle and not make it a burden on their schedules or their families.

Sara Nay (04:45): Yeah. And so are you doing things like macro counting or is that too restricting in your views?

Garrett Serd (04:51): So I'm so glad you brought that up. And so we have a system here at Tanin nutrition in which we start clients with a macro based approach of knowing exactly how many calories and macros that they need for fat loss. We focus on two main goals right away, hitting your calorie goal and hitting your protein goal. Since protein is the most important macro for fat loss. And if someone's a brand new beginner, we may say, Hey, let's just focus on calories. But then we have a series of phases. We take our clients through. So the first phase being a fat loss phase and our entire goal is to take the client from a fat loss phase back into intuitive eating. So they're not having to track calories in order to maintain their goal, body, weight, or goal body composition. So it's a series of phases that we take our clients through. That's very, again, customized to them. And again, our goal is to help them achieve their goal weight, then help them increase their calories through our metabolic reset phase. And they in, we transition them into a maintenance phase and once they, once their body's set point has changed and they are more comfortable with where they're at calorie and cardio wise, we then transition them into a very specific strategy into our intuitive eating phase.

Sara Nay (06:00): I love it. I love that you're incorporating intuitive eating over time because I've not necessarily dieted a lot over the year, count in my macros and gone through different phases. And with the counting macros forever, I feel like once you do it for quite some time, you can get a pretty good handle on what you should be eating, how protein you should be eating. And when, and so I would say I'm more in like the intuitive eating phase, just because I've paid attention to that stuff over the years. And because with me, I have two young kids that my husband like we're making meals together. And for me to like always be weighing things out, it just felt a little bit restricting over time, essentially.

Garrett Serd (06:33): Yeah. And you're right. So not everyone is maybe that approach is not best for everyone. And we definitely understand that. And there are other approaches too, like a hand based hand based method taught by precision nutrition and their coaches. Great company. Definitely go follow them too. But yeah, this is just one of the many methods that we use and we use flexible dieting too. So like we, we don't have like food that are off limits because we know just through science, there's not one food that'll make you gain body fat and there's not one food that will prevent you from losing it. So we just wanna teach our clients how to incorporate their favorite foods within the context of their calorie goals. So they can enjoy what they're doing and be consistent because consistency is absolutely key for long term success when it comes to dieting and maintaining a healthy body weight.

Sara Nay (07:15): Yeah, absolutely. And so we've obviously talked to a lot of about nutrition and mentality around that. Do you also work with your clients in relation to moving so fitness or whatever their goals might be and how it relates specifically to obviously nutrition as well?

Garrett Serd (07:30): Absolutely. Yes. We do have, you know, custom programs for our clients and we believe that cardio is still important for, for health and for fat loss as well. And so we work very closely with them and to understand what's best for them based upon their schedule and the time they have, we work with a lot of busy women. And so we're not asking our clients to go and do three or four sessions of cardio a week. In fact, most of our clients will just have a step goal because steps are something they can do with their family, their kids going for a walk they can do around their house or in laundry, things like that, or go to the grocery store. Yeah. So there's a lot of things that can help you be successful with being moving. That's not just purposeful activity.

Sara Nay (08:04): Yeah, absolutely. I think that's wonderful. Especially meeting your clients where they're at and they're busy. They don't have a ton of extra time to fit it in. And so it's like, how can you just move throughout the day to stay more active? A couple things I've done. I've have I stand, I'm standing right now. So I stand most of the day now, which has been like energy wise. It really, really helps me from like versus sitting. And then I also have a bike desk that what takes some calls on. Yeah, it's fun. Yeah. Like I don't do it for podcasts cuz I might sound out of breath if I start biking while we're talking. So I reserve that to, to different meetings. But to me, for like those little adjustments yes. Help me stay active throughout the day when I'm not working as well. Cause my energy just stays up so much versus if I'm just sitting all day long.

Garrett Serd (08:43): I I'm so glad you mentioned that. Cause I think people overlooked importance of those small changes like that and how that can add up over time to make some big results. I think a lot of people wanna associate extreme methods or extreme measures to extreme results and fast results, but that's not always the best approach. And so I love how you mentioned you had these small methods in inside your home build in to help you be successful, being active when, especially when time is not there to go to a gym or to do something that's maybe outside your home that may require more time.

Sara Nay (09:11): Yeah. Awesome. I love it. Thank you so much for sharing today. It was really great. How conversation if people wanna connect with you online, where can they find you?

Garrett Serd (09:18): Yes. So you can, uh, find us on Instagram at tandem nutrition. It's T a N D E M nutrition or at our website at www dot tandem, as well.

Sara Nay (09:30): Awesome. Thank you so much, Garrett. And thank you all for listening to the agency spark podcast and is Charles CNA and we'll see you next time.



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